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In this second of The Tybee Series, Tybee II: The Abduction, the author
returns the Montgomery's to their tranquil life on Tybee Island, only to
confound them with devastating troubles. When grandson Michael is
kidnapped, Ted and Patricia go undercover to assist the FBI in the
search. As the scenario unfolds, Ted is overwhelmed with despair and
succumbs to his former bad habits before reigning in his anger and
pursuing the mysteries that will bring him closure and peace.
In the face of their tribulations, Ted and Patricia experience a beautiful
spiritual growth that will warm the reader's heart. Be prepared to shed a few tears.
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Available online in soft cover:
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"West Palm Beach, Florida, four a.m.: An eleven month-old baby girl was wrapped in a blanket and quietly removed from her home while her parents slept. She was comfortable with the young woman holding her, and smiled as she contentedly sucked on the warm bottle of formula that was offered.
She would not be discovered missing until six a.m."