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Tybee III: For the Love of Money i s a dazzling tale of murder and deception.
The author skillfully brings readers back into the lives of the two unforgettable
principle characters of the Tybee Series, Ted and Patricia Montgomery, as they
love, laugh, struggle and survive. Tybee Island remains their Shangri-La despite
the mayhem in the world surrounding them. An attempt by an onerous relative
and his attorney to wipe out a family in order to acquire familial assets brings
Ted and Patricia a special blessing in the form of a six-year-old boy whose
parents are murdered by this greedy, "redneck" relative while cruising on the
Atlantic Ocean.

The plot thickens as a seemingly sophisticated attorney in Jacksonville attempts
to steal a large fortune by directing the systematic assassination of the heirs.
The Montgomery's bond with and succeed in adopting the small child who is the
heir to a fortune, only to lose him to the murderous schemes of the nefarious
attorney. Their search for the killers and their fight to make right the wrongs of
others is filled with suspense, spirituality and irony. The final outcome of the story
brings tears of joy and sadness as Ted and Patricia memorialize their adopted
child by establishing a foundation in his name to assist orphaned children who
have experienced similar consequences.

If you haven't bonded with the Montgomery's already, Tybee III could be your glue!

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