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Tybee IV: Why the Little Children? continues the dynamic Tybee Series. We
rejoin Patricia and Ted Montgomery on beautiful Tybee Island as they enjoy the
serene life they've built for themselves; however, scenarios quickly begin to play
out around them that rock their world! The author cleverly weaves subplots of
sabotage, intrigue and murder into this suspense filled saga. We meet Vaughn's
most despicable characters yet, and cheer as Ted and Patricia battle to keep the
children at Billy's Place safe. In the midst of this turmoil Patricia faces grave
health issues that not only threaten her physically, but alter her emotional state,
affecting her ability to function at the children's home and in her relationship with
Ted. Torn apart by the changes in Patricia, Ted faces the unimaginable - life
without Patricia.
In this fast paced fourth book of the Series, we are given a nostalgic glimpse back
a hundred years into the lives of one Tybee family as they build their dream and
watch as that dream crumbles to overpowering evil. This gripping story will keep
you on the edge of your seat as the Montgomery's gallantly crusade against the
evils preying on childcare facilities and the silent demon inside Patricia's body.

Available 2005.
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"A shadowy figure, tool bag in hand, silently climbed the chain link fence. He hastily removed two bolts from the Ferris wheel, dropped them into his bag, and slipped back over the fence into the darkness."