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Tybee V: Island Terror

The ill-fated flight of a certain B-47 bomber has become a well known and documented historical, factual incident, despite efforts to downplay the importance of the ensuing events by the Department of Defense. The bomber collided with an F-86 jet fighter east of Tybee Island, Georgia, and was forced to jettison the nuclear bomb it was carrying into the ocean at an uncharted location.  That was 1958 during the Cold War, and the government has yet to locate the bomb.  Department of Defense officials continue to insist the bomb poses no danger to humans or the environment. 

Over forty years later, strangely mutated and aggressive sea life attack and kill a young Tybee Island couple, producing panic on the Island.  In a defensive move, the Island government quarantines the beaches and bans fishing, riling many local business owners.

Researchers determine that radioactive seepage from the bomb is the cause of the fish mutations in the area.  They are unaware, however, that al-Qaeda terrorists had located the bomb and were extracting its nuclear contents to use in the manufacture of "dirty bombs" at nearby closed Fort Screven.   These bombs are detonated in the Washington, DC and New York City subway systems.

Ted and Patricia Montgomery, the Tybee Series' principal characters, involve themselves in the mystery and land at the top of Osama-Ben-Laden's hit list.  Once again, Ted and Patricia find themselves in many perilous situations as they engage in exciting, suspenseful, and frequently sizzling romantic situations in their battle to free our Country from this evil al-Qaeda  threat.