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Edward Vaughn's initial attempt at fiction writing has culminated in the publishing of
Tybee, the beginning of a series about Ted Montgomery's life at Tybee Island,
Georgia and the many adventures that befall him.

Tybee is a dynamic story about an ordinary man, Ted Montgomery, who returns to
his childhood home at Tybee to renew himself after experiencing several major
disappointments. When a former friend is found murdered Ted is unjustly accused of
killing him. The FBI recruits him to work undercover to help solve the murder and
break up a major crime ring. This leads to exciting and ironic events that take Ted
from Tybee to Florida and Peru. Fast-paced and absorbing, the story is filled with
surprising outcomes, humor, some pretty steamy and romantic scenes between Ted
and the women in his life, plus murder, drugs, and big business drama.

Available in softcover from online booksellers at
Barnes&Noble.com, Amazon.com, Borders.com , WaldenBooks.com and
BooksaMillion.com.  For the best price, order direct from me and save quite a bit.
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"The small runabout pulled up beside an old shrimp trawler in the Atlantic Ocean, fifteen miles east of Tybee Island, Georgia. Its well-dressed operator tied the runabout to the trawler and climbed aboard. After a heated argument with the trawler's Captain, the man was shot in the back of his head, his fingertips chopped off, his body weighted down with four cinder blocks tied
to his limbs, and tossed into the ocean. It was a little after midnight."

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