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I've enjoyed writing The Tybee Series and The Cumberland County Series.  The first seven books in the Cumberland County series, The Evil That Men Do, The Forgiven,  Tangled Webs, Paths of Glory, A Bite of the Apple, This Too Shall Pass, Be All You Can Be are available through me or the publishers.  My latest work, I Pray The Lord My Soul to Keep, just came out and is getting good reviews. I hope those of you who read it will find it inspiring. I'm also back into an old hobby, painting, and am doing several which relate to my books, which can be seen on my 'paintings' page

I plan to schedule some book signings in various locations and hope to see many of you there.  I'll post these on the web site as soon as the schedule is firm.  If you've purchased them on line or in a major book store, bring them with you for a special autograph and maybe even a free gift!

For those who find my work enjoyable and purchase the books, please accept my deepest gratitude for your support and encouragement;.  If anyone should find them otherwise, my apologies and willingness to gladly refund your money.  For the past five years, I've enthusiastically awakened almost every morning at 4:30 a.m. and worked until late at night,  and I really do enjoy losing myself in my work. 

 I have some of  the books on hand and, if  you're interested in having any of them, I'll be happy to autograph and send them to you.   How about a special gift for someone you wish to impress? 

 While you may buy my books online from the major booksellers, I can sell them to you direct for several dollars less ($15.00, including shipping, which is my cost,  vs. $15.00-$19.00 plus shipping from the major booksellers). Send me an e-mail to evaughn672@aol.com and I'll handle it for you. If you'd like it autographed, let me know to whom and what you'd like said. The beautiful covers look nice on one's coffee table, whether you like the contents or not!

 My  interest in writing  has provided  me with  an exciting new life. After serving for many years as an Army officer, corporate executive, college professor, and counselor, writing has provided me with an opportunity to draw from these many wonderful life experiences with which I have been blessed. I just hit the 80th year of my life and have been blessed with continued good health and, I think, a clear mind... although some may disagree!

 Thank you for visiting my web site, and thanks again to those of you who purchased my books and found them enjoyable.         
 Warmest wishes to you all, and thanks for stopping in. 

Ed Vaughn

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Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Agnostic, or Athiest, you will find this story containing and dealing with many spiritual issues both interesting and relevant. Unlike so many books on this topic, it's not loaded with a lot of "Bible babble," but plain talk wherein our Lord is portrayed in a more realistic and understandable manner.  It may change the way you view the life which follows this one.


Tybee II:
The Abduction

Tybee III:
For the Love of Money

Tybee IV:
Why the Little Children?

Tybee VI:  Island Terror

Tybee VI: Pretty Little Princess

Cumberland County: The Evil That Men Do

Cumberland County: The Forgiven

CumberlandCounty: Tangled Webs

Cumberland County: The Paths of Glory

This Too Shall Pass

A Bite of the Apple

Be All You Can Be